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High-risk industries, validate your workers' compensation 
experience modification factors and policy premiums


CIV Inc. specializes in reducing experience modification factors and recovering current and historical workers' comp premiums.


Having 20 plus years of experience, we have seen just about every mistake or oversite made causing companies to overpay. 


Nearly 90% of our qualified clients needed corrections to their workers' comp data, which generated millions of dollars of refundable premium's.

Being experts in worker's compensation insurance, we have the ability to help companies obtain unknown refunds and assist in keeping their current workers comp. mods and premiums under control.

We typically work on a contingency fee basis - No Recovery No Fee


Our over-all goal is to level the playing field between you and the insurance companies. 

The complexity of the workers' comp industry places high-risk policyholders at a major disadvantage when obtaining accurate and fair premium pricing.


It is difficult for any company to effectively manage their workers' comp cost without having the time, expertise, and dedicated resources to get the job done.

CIV Inc. solves these problems.


We are determined to help companies from overpaying and controlling their current/future workers' comp costs.


Fort Pitt Group


"If it were not for CIV's expertise, we never would have received the $224,000.00 refund check.  CIV's knowledge of the industry and his ability to navigate through the insurance companies as well as the state agencies was the key to our success.  I highly recommend their services of CIV."

George Petty - CFO

JADE Carpentry - Chicago, IL


CIV came highly recommended and did not let us down. CIV found and corrected errors on our current and historical work comp policies generating us a $51,505 return to our bottom line. We never knew this money existed.

Judith DeAngelo - President

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