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CIV Inc. is the Leader In Workers Compensation Forensic Reviews

Since 2007, we have been your workers’ compensation advocate, saving businesses millions of dollars by lowering current and  Experience Modification Factors (EMFs), which helps you and your agent to secure the lowest current and future possible premiums, with the added bonus of recovering funds on historical, forgotten about policies.


Yearly, traditional methods of reviewing your workers' comp often miss the discrepancies buried within your data, costing you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Our team of specialists, free from any industry ties, meticulously analyzes your data to identify discrepancies and optimize your worker's compensation program.

Shocking Discovery

91% of our qualified clients came to a harsh reality to having years of inflated experience mods and hidden overcharges due to carrier non-compliance.  The opportunity for new business, policy benifits, and additional cashflow was lost. Sadly, this reality was the norm, inflated mods and premiums, silently siphoning millions, leaving them unaware and disadvantaged.


Our forensic reviews opened our clients’ eyes to the shocking truth that they had multiple, deep-rooted issues existing within their workers' comp programs. They had no idea. Since partnering with CIV Inc. they have now taken back control, reducing their mods, current, future premiums and recovering substantial funds back to their bottom-line.

CIV Inc. has a shared savings plan available to Qualified Clients. No Recovery, No Fee, No Risk.


Our clients explain it best on the Testimonials Page

Fort Pitt Group


"If it were not for CIV's expertise, we never would have received the $224,000.00 refund check.  CIV's knowledge of the industry and his ability to navigate through the insurance companies as well as the state agencies was the key to our success.  I highly recommend their services of CIV.

George Petty - CFO



"If you think you insurance broker / agent is looking after your workers' compensation, your're wrong.  Leland exposed years of oversite and neglect my account received, and the worst part is I didn't know.  My agent was new to the industry and didn't know either.

Leland is an expert in workers' compensation, give him access to the information he needs, and he will find a mistake.  For my compnay he found over $100k in errors and was able to recuperate most of it. I can not recommend his serivces enough.

Tiffiny Flaim, President

Joseph J. Henderson & Sons


"On behalf of Joseph J. Henderson & Sons, I would like to personally thank you for your recent assistance in recovering $83,200.00 in premiums. Your willingness to thoroughly explain the process step by step and work with us in such a professional manner makes it easy to recommend you and your company to others we work with"

David Grum, Saftey Coordinator

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