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Fort Pitt Group

"If it were not for CIV's expertise, we never would have received the $224,000.00 refund check.  CIV's knowledge of the industry and his ability to navigate through the insurance companies as well as the state agencies was the key to our success.  I highly recommend their services of CIV.

George Petty - CFO

Joseph J. Henderson & Sons

"On behalf of Joseph J. Henderson & Sons, I would like to personally thank you for your recent assistance in recovering $83,200.00 in premiums. Your willingness to thoroughly explain the process step by step and work with us in such a professional manner makes it easy to recommend you and your company to others we work with"

David Grum, Safety Coordinator

Roughneck Concrete Drilling & Sawing Company 

Your worker compensation audit identified and corrected several errors made by the insurance companies, resulting in $74,000 in overpaid premiums. You were also successful in having additional $40,000 billing error corrected. The limited amount of time I had to invest was well worth the outcome. 

Karen Johnson, President

K-Five Construction Corporation

"CIV Inc. was not only able to obtain a substantial reimbursement of in excess of $75,000 net of fee's from our former carrier, they also worked diligently to force the adjustment of our experience modification factor for a number of years.  I would strongly recommend CIV Inc. to any potential customer.  CIV was a true pleasure to work with."

ally in short paragraphs.

Mark A. Sniegowski, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Dimensional Technology, Inc. 

I was referred to CIV by a customer of mine who also used CIV to see if there were any error in previous insurance policies. CIV had recovered over $30,000 for my customer. Within the first few months of analysis CIV recovered over $60,000 of my premiums paid to insurance companies and is continuing to analyze prior years with a possibility of $75,000 more. This was one of the best decisions I made in the past 20 years of business. 

Dena Basselen, President

Molter Corporation 

Thank you so much for getting our EMR revised and the amounts charged reduced and refunded. The reduction of our EMR from 1.02 to .85 was critical to our business not only in terms of the insurance savings but our ability to bid work. The refund of over $100,000 was definitely a bonus.

Loretta Molter, President

JADE Carpentry 

CIV came highly recommended and did not let us down. CIV found and corrected errors on our current and historical work comp policies generating us a $51,505 return to our bottom line. We never knew this money existed.


Judith DeAngelo, President

The Chalking Company

"CIV Inc. was able to identify errors on three separate policy terms, as far back as 12 years. I received return premium checks in the amount of $60,495.00.  Their staff was helpful, professional, and pleasant to work with.  I encourage every company to give the process a try whether you are suspicious of errors or not.

Frank Calandra, Owner


"If you think you insurance broker / agent is looking after your workers' compensation, your're wrong.  Leland exposed years of oversite and neglect my account received, and the worst part is I didn't know.  My agent was new to the industry and didn't know either.

Leland is an expert in workers' compensation, give him access to the information he needs, and he will find a mistake.  For my compnay he found over $100k in errors and was able to recuperate most of it. I can not recommend his services enough.

Tiffiny Flaim, President

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