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  • Leland Charais

Why a Forensic Review Is Essential

While the core principles of workers' comp are sound, the system's flawed execution can unfairly burden your business. Unintentional errors, inconsistencies, and a lack of transparency often lead to inflated premiums and modification factors—draining resources and treasure from your company.


Hidden Landmines in Your Workers' Comp: Why a Forensic Review Is Essential

Think your workers' comp costs are fair and accurate? Think again. The complex system is riddled with potential pitfalls that can silently inflate your premiums for years or noncompliance of a little know rule could have a devistating, immediate impact.


Here's why a closer look is crucial:

1. Misclassifications and Reporting Errors:

  • Inflated Costs for Years: Inaccurate categorization of employees or injuries can significantly impact premium calculations, leading to overpayments that accumulate for multiple years before being noticed.

  • Silent Profit Sappers: Overlooked errors can hide in plain sight, draining your resources without raising alarms.


2. Noncompliance with Regulations:

  • Major Violations, Major Consequences: Failure to adhere to national or state rules can have a drastic and immediate impact, resulting in shocking overpayments.


3. Unclear Regulations and Loopholes:

  • Complex and often ambiguous guidelines create room for misinterpretation and varying practices.

  • Insurance companies may exploit these gray areas to their advantage, leaving businesses at a disadvantage.


4. Lack of Full Disclosure:

  • Businesses often lack complete visibility into the factors influencing their premiums.

  • This makes it difficult to identify and challenge potential errors or unfair practices.


The result? Businesses like yours could be unknowingly overpaying for workers' comp, straining budgets, and hindering growth.  The good news is, you don't have to accept the status quo. CIV Inc. is committed to leveling the playing field and ensuring fairness in workers' comp. Our expert forensic reviews uncover hidden errors, challenge unfair practices, and help businesses reclaim control over their premiums. Ready to fight back against unfair costs and protect your business?


Contact us today to learn more about our no-risk review process.​

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