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Qualifying Your Company

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Worker with Glasses
Nurse and Patient
Premium Range
High risk companies who pay a minimum of $100,000 per year on their workers' comp, have the highest probability of carrier errors, leading to overcharges.




Experience Mod





A credit experience mod (below a 1.0) does not mean everything is fine.  This is a false assumption.  The majority of our six-figure recoveries have come from companies with a credit mod.  

Having debit Xmod's is a "red flag" for the data to be verified.  One error can increase 3 Xmods and policy premiums.

Last thoughts



We believe every company should have our forensic review performed. 


Something to think about, the people who handle and report your data, the data used to calculate your Xmods and policy premiums are the same people who charge you those policy premiums.   Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse!


For those companies we can not offer our  No recovery, No Fee No Risk shared savings plan to, we do have other options, (hourly or flat fee programs).

High Risk Industries
  • Construction

  • Auto Dealers

  • Manufacturing

  • Transportation

  • Health Care

  • Hospitality

  • Staffing

Types of Workers' Comp Policies
  • Fully Guaranteed Cost Plan

  • Retrospective (loss sensitive)

  • Small deductible

  • Assigned risk pool

  • Companies going into or coming out of a PEO


"Red Flags"

  • Claim activity 

  • Multi Xmod's issued in the same year

  • Xmod varies within rating period

  • A major increase in Xmod

  • Buying/Selling companies

  • Subrogated/Denied/Disputed claims

  • Missing credits/Added debits

  • Payroll Audit - Class Code disputes

  • Multiple state exposure


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