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Forensic Review

CIV Inc. performs two type of reviews:​

  • Experience Modifiaction Rating Factor Review.

    • Current and Previous mod factors​

  • Final Premium Audits

Refunds generated on current to fifteen-year-old policies.  Depending on the state and situation.​​​

Here's how it works:​

  1. Our experts analyze your experience modification factors and policies for errors.

  2. We prepare documentation to have non-compliant data corrected.

  3. You receive full refunds for any overpaid premiums.

  4. Once you confirm the refunds, we then invoice for our services.

  5. You receive a final report for your records.

Minimal involvement:

Typically, a few phone calls and emails are all it takes. We'll provide updates on your requested timeline to keep you informed.

​We will need from you:

  • A signed and date agreement and LOA (letter of authorization) 

  • All current year Mod Worksheets (we will provide you a list)

    • CIV Inc. will purchase all historical NCCI Experience Rating Worksheets at our expense.​

  • Policies, final premium audits, and loss runs for each year we review. 


We can assist to obtain the information.

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