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Worker Compensation Premium Recovery & Mod Reduction Review


Forensic Review



Our team of experts will perform our forensic review on your current and historical experience modification factors (Xmods) and workers' compensation policy premiums. 


Our review will determine if the data used to calculate your Xmods and policy premiums are in compliance with applicable state and federal guidelines.

We prepare all necessary documentation and paperwork to have non-compliant data corrected. 


Once we have confirmed you are in receipt of the return premium(s) due to the correction(s), only then will we invoice for our services.

When our work is completed, we will provide a final report detailing our findings.  


All revised Xmods and premium audits will be provided for your files.

In the rare event, our review does not generate premium reductions, there will be no charge for our service.

Where is this work done and how much of my time is needed?


Our service is performed offsite and is designed to use very little of your time.  A couple of phone calls and emails is typically all that is needed. We will provide updates on your requested timeline.


Workers' Comp Policy Years and Xmods Reviewed


Depending on the state you do business in and what our forensic review uncovers, current year and 7-12 historical years of Xmods and comp policies will be reviewed. 

What will be needed from me to start the process?



We will need from you:

  • a signed and date agreement and LOA (letter of authorization) 

  • all current year Mod Worksheets (We will provide you a list)

    • CIV Inc. will purchase all historical NCCI Experience Rating Worksheets at our expense.​

  • policies, final premium audits and loss runs for each year we review.

We will provide a detailed data list once the signed and dated agreement and LOA (letter of authorization) has been received.

If you do not have all the needed data, that's ok.  We will help you obtain the information by "ghost" writing a request so all you have to do is forward the email.

Benefits of Having Workers' Comp Policy Years and Xmods Reviewed


Confirmation that your Xmods and comp premiums calculations are accurate over the 7 to12 years. 

Confirmation you have been billed correctly over the last 7 to 12 years.

Any refundable premiums will be returned due will be returned over the last 7 to 12 years.

Updated claim status on the last 7 to 12 years of experience.

The possibility of lowering future Xmods and comp premiums, free of charge.

Any hidden issues affecting your current/future premiums will be disclosed.

Quicker renewal process due to better Underwriting profile.

Ability to be more competitive in the free market.

Increasing the possibility to move from the pool to the free market.

Made aware of any benefits you are currently not taking advantage of.

Having an advocate looking out for your best interest.

CIV Inc.'s shared saving plan - No Recovery - No Fee - No Risk

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